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Windsor Competitive Dance Company sponsors for the 2015-2016 dance season

The Windsor Competitive Dance Company is located at the Edmunds Towers School of Dance, under the direction of Dianne Edmunds and Donna Towers Bolohan. The company is selected through annual auditions and consists of approximately 40 members ranging in age from 6 to 18 years of age.

Company dancers are experienced in all areas of dance and are required to take dance classes in tap, ballet, and jazz classes each year. In addition to their regular dance lessons, the company rehearses choreography once a week with extra rehearsals on weekends. There are also extra dance classes available to the company members, including lyrical, hip hop, leaps and turns, and extra tap and ballet classes.

Company members are given numerous opportunities to learn and discover new dance techniques by attending and participating in dance conventions. Edmunds Towers School of Dance also frequently invites world renowned master teachers/choreographers to come to our studio and instruct our students.

The Company travels throughout Canada and the United States several times a year to perform. This also includes performances at regional and national competitions. Company dancers have received national and regional recognition for their numerous high point awards and scholarships. Throughout the year, Company dancers perform at various venues, including several charitable events, in Kent and Essex counties.

Company dancers learn good sportsmanship, responsibility, dedication, and teamwork, qualities that can be built upon to remain for a lifetime.


Auditions for the Windsor Competitive Dance Company are held in June at Edmunds Towers School of Dance. Auditions take place in a positive environment and are designed to give our students the opportunity to perform their talents.

Dance teachers from Toronto and Windsor adjudicate the auditions and make the final decisions about who will be part of the company. They look for several requirements: technique, flexibility, strength, energy, and stage presence. All dancers auditioning must be taking classes at our studio in tap, ballet, jazz and must be at least 6 years of age as of December 31st of the auditioning year.

When the students arrive at their audition, they register and are given a number to attach to their leotard. All students should arrive early at the dance studio to give themselves plenty of time to stretch before the audition begins. Dancers should come prepared for the audition with all dance shoes, dressed in tights and a leotard, and with their hair neatly secured.

The auditions consist of short combinations in ballet, tap and jazz. Each student is also given time to give a short dance improvisation at the end of the jazz combination. This will allow the students to showcase any additional talents that they may have.

Please remember that age and level of dancing are very important factors when selecting the individual teams (junior, teen, and senior). Notification letters are emailed out in July to all auditioning dancers with the results of the audition.

Auditions are held at our dance studio in June.

For more information, please phone the dance studio at 519-974-7422.

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