At the Edmunds Towers School of Dance, we train our ballet students in the syllabus set forth by the Cecchetti Council of America. The Cecchetti Council of America is an organization dedicated to maintaining the standards and method of ballet training established by Cav. Enrico Cecchetti. The organization uses his teaching and writings in a sequence of grades, which are carefully measured as to degree of difficulty and physical development, and provides a system of accredited examinations to test the student’s proficiency within those grades.

All ballet dancers at our dance studio will begin in Primary I, followed by Primary II and III. Once these levels are completed the dancer will move into classical ballet training. When studying the Cecchetti syllabus, a minimum of two ballet classes per week are recommended in order the dancer to become a candidate for exams. The teacher will make final exam decisions and the parents will be notified before exam dates if their child is ready for an exam. It usually takes approximately two years to complete each grade level. Cecchetti exam classes are offered for those who wish to achieve certification and in the future have the option of pursuing a teaching career.


Pre-Pointe dance classes are designed to prepare dancers for Pointe. During these dance classes, dancers will work on strengthening their feet and ankles using apparatuses such as Exercise-Bands. Dancers will also learn about the history of Pointe shoes, how to care for them, and how to tie them properly.


Pointe classes are for dedicated ballet students. Candidates for Pointe must be in Cecchetti III and be at least 12 years old. Dancers must be taking two ballet classes per week and the pre-Pointe class in order to be evaluated by the teacher as candidates for Pointe. Dancers who qualify for Pointe will be instructed when to purchase their shoes.

Ballet is the foundation of dance and the core for almost all other dance styles. It will give your child grace, flexibility and strength while teaching this beautiful art form.

If any of these dance forms interest you, please register, or, for further information, please contact the dance studio.