Couples looking for a night out – why not learn Ballroom Dancing? Receive tips on how to enjoy yourself dancing while creating great memories. Learn how to work with your dance space, frame, and form in private or group classes. Enjoy learning the steps to the most popular dances: The Fox Trot, The Waltz, The Rumba, The Salsa, and The Cha Cha.

Wedding Packages

FIRST DANCE: Prepare for your wedding reception by letting us choreograph a first dance that will look great on your video, dazzle your family and friends, and be fun and memorable for you! Come to your lesson with your first dance song in hand, or let us help you choose the right music. Learn how to work with your frame, form, and dance space while learning the steps to the most popular wedding dances: The Fox Trot, The Waltz, and The Rumba. Receive tips on how to enjoy yourself while creating a memorable first dance by playing to the audience and to each other. Leave the class with the confidence to let go of your fears and create a dance to remember!

Lesson Packages

GROUP LESSONS: Group classes are the most economical option. They also give couples a chance to meet other brides and grooms and chat with them about their special day.

PRIVATE LESSONS: For couples who are looking for more individual instruction, private lessons are available. These classes involve one instructor working with just one couple.

COMBINATION PACKAGE: Our most popular package is a combination of group classes and individual instruction. Here, the private wedding dance lesson is a follow-up to group classes. This gives couples a full hour to discuss issues they may have with their “routine” and work on their first dance to the music they have chosen in a private class setting. This class is for couples only.

PARENT LESSONS: We also instruct Father/Daughter, Mother/Son and Father/Mother combinations for those who are interested in learning more about dancing at weddings. Parents are invited to attend the same class as the bride and groom if desired.

If any of our packages interest you, please register, or, for further information, please contact the dance studio.