Dance Attire

All students at our dance studio are requested to wear proper dance attire during all dance classes. Please do not buy inexpensive tap or ballet shoes from a department or discount store. These shoes have soles that are not flexible and make dancing difficult. The dress code is in place to maintain class uniformity, which helps with correction and allows dancers to perform to their fullest potential during class.


Hair: Hair must be in a bun or pulled back off of the face. Older dancers should carry clips and elastics in their dance bags at all times.

Dance attire for each dance class is as follows:

Tiny Tots I & II

Bodysuit and Tights:
Bodysuit: Light Pink short-sleeve or tank bodysuit with or without tutu/ skirt.
Pink tights: Mondor 345 E6

Pink ballet slippers: “Bloch Bunny Hop” only.
Black tap shoes: Style Numbers:Capezio (N625C) or Bloch (S350) patent tap shoe

Boys will need white t-shirts, black athletic pants, black gymnastic slippers and
black tap shoes Style Number: So Danca student tap (TA05)

Primary Ballet/Tap/Jazz 2 & 3

Bodysuit and Tights
Bodysuit: Light blue with or without tutu/skirt.
Pink tights: Mondor 345 E6

Ballet Shoes
Pink ballet slippers: Style Number: Bloch Bunny hop or Bloch full sole ballet shoe (S0205)
For children entering their 2nd year of Primary 3 they will need Bloch split sole (S0258)

Tap Shoes
Black tap shoes: Capezio (N625C) or Bloch (S350) patent tap shoe. For students entering their 2nd year of grade 3 tap they should be wearing: So Danca student tap (TA05)

Jazz Shoes
Big Star or So Danca gymnastics slipper (black)
For students entering their 3rd year of jazz, a black leather jazz shoe is recommended.
(Bloch, Capezio, or So Danca)

Cecchetti and Pointe Classes

Black bodysuit any style.

Hair in a bun

Pink tights: Mondor, Bloch, or Capezio pink tights.

Bloch leather split sole ballet shoes (S0258)

Tap 4 & Up

Tights and solid-colour bodysuit.

Black tap shoes: Leather lace-up tap shoes with box toe.
Style Number: Bloch- S0301 or Leo’s- 5128

Intermediate and Advanced Jazz

Full length tights and solid-colour bodysuit.

Bloch or So Danca (JZ43) leather slip-on jazz shoes (black)


Solid colour bodysuit and beige footless tights.

Shoes: Lyrical foot thongs are required.

Dancers must be advanced Grade II Cecchetti and taking two ballet classes per week in order to register for lyrical classes.

Hip Hop

Loose fitting sweat pants and T-shirts. (No jeans).

Running shoes that are to be used exclusively for hip hop.

Dancers will NOT be allowed to enter the dance room with shoes worn on the street. This will be strictly enforced.