Tiny Tots

Tiny Tot

Tiny Tots I: Ages 3-4

These 45-minute combination dance classes introduce the very young dancer to pre-ballet and tap in a friendly atmosphere for the pure enjoyment of dance. The Tiny Tots classes begin with a pre-ballet barre that introduces basic ballet steps, followed by center floor stretches, ballet walks and skips. The second half of the class focuses on learning basic tap steps and dance routines. These classes are under the direction of an Early Childhood Education graduate.

Tiny Tots II: Ages 4-5

This dance class is a continuation of our Tiny Tots I program. Students will further their study in ballet and tap while increasing their coordination skills, rhythm, and basic terminology. Students will complete Grade One Tap and Primary One Ballet by the end of Tiny Tots II.

Special Tiny Tots Events and Activities

Your child’s imagination is enhanced throughout the year with the use of many props such as butterfly wings, crowns, parasols and musical instruments. We also celebrate special theme days in our Tiny Tots program; Halloween, Prince and Princess Day, Christmas, and Teddy Bear Day are just a few of our themes. The most exciting Tiny Tots events are our parent viewing days, when you have the chance to observe your child’s love of dance.

The final, spectacular event is our annual dance show where your little dancer will perform on stage in beautiful costumes, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

If this class interests you, please register, or, for further information, please contact the dance studio.